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We provide basic support such as setting up email accounts, DNS changes etc. However when it comes to supporting web site changes it is a little out of our helpdesk's knowledge, but not to worry if you need help with your site we have a team of website designers that can help just let us know.

We only accept payment via VISA, MasterCard and American express credit cards.

Yes for sure, it is completely up to our customers should they wish to transfer their domain names to us and is not required for a hosting purchase.

This service allows you as our customer to setup their own email accounts and also gives you the ability to upload a website that is created either by yourself or a web designer.

This panel allows you to change your hosting settings, this could be to setup a database for a new website being created, or as simple as adding a new email account. It has been designed as a self-service tool so that our customers can change their account settings on the fly when they want.

Excess bandwidth charges are charged at $1.00 ex GST. for every 1 Gigabyte over your allocation.


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