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Domain Price List

.com.au $34.95AUD $34.95AUD $0.00AUD 2 years
.net.au $34.95AUD $34.95AUD $0.00AUD 2 years
.org.au $34.95AUD $34.95AUD $0.00AUD 2 years
.com $49.50AUD $29.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.net $29.95AUD $29.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.org $19.95AUD $19.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.info $19.95AUD $19.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.biz $19.95AUD $19.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.id.au $34.95AUD $34.95AUD $0.00AUD 2 years
.mobi $19.95AUD $19.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.name $34.95AUD $34.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.co.uk $19.95AUD $19.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.me.uk $19.95AUD $19.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.geek.nz $29.95AUD $29.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.gen.nz $29.95AUD $29.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.asn.au $34.95AUD $34.95AUD $0.00AUD 2 years
.org.nz $29.95AUD $29.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year
.co.nz $29.95AUD $29.95AUD $0.00AUD 1 year

Domain Names FAQ

In short DNS it is an internet service that converts domain names such as www.yourbusiness.com.au into IP Addresses which makes it easier to remember for people on the internet, these IP Addresses are assigned to servers that are hosting your web site.

Our system automatically places a expiry hold on the domain just in case you forgot, for a period of 30 days. Following this your domain will be cancelled this will allow others to register it, but not to worry our system gives you ample time renew and sends notifications in advanced prior to the expiry date.

You are most welcome to register as many domains as you like, and are not required to use them some people do this as brand protection, or even for future ideas they may have.

This is what is called a top-level domain and are generally used or reserved for a country. For example Australian domains are all followed by a .au (www.business.com.au) whereas in the USA they are followed by .com (www.website.com).

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to transfer your domain to another hosting company, however just contact our helpdesk and we would be more than happy to assist in transferring your domain, just let us know!

We register many different domain names, the list of all domains we currently have available to our customers are listed in the above table under “Domain Price List”. Again if you're unsure don't be shy to give us a call and we can help.